Photo Gallery

* All cases pictured here are the actual patients of Dr. Trester and all photos are copyrighted.


Fillings are dental restorations used to repair defects in teeth caused by cavities (carues); fractures; trauma; and genetic and developmental defects. Fillings are placed inside the outer perimeter of the tooth in contrast to crowns and onlays which are placed around the outside of the tooth. Fillings can be done with silver amalgam (not used in this office), composite resin, porcelain, or gold. Fillings can also be done directly by being placed by the dentist in one visit. Other fillings are done indirectly; these fillings are prepared by the dentist and then an impression is taken and the restoration is constructed in the dental laboratory and then placed at a second appointment. Usually the indirect restoration is cemented into place.

In the photos below, the patient was unhappy with how dark the silver filling made her tooth look. In addition there was decay around the edge of the filling. A new tooth colored filling solved both problems.

Before: Silver Amalgam Restoration
After: Composite Restoration

In this example, the patient was unhappy with the appearance of his decayed and broken teeth, but could not afford crowns and more sophisticated reconstruction of his smile. The repair of the teeth with bonded fillings offered an acceptable alternative.

Before: Decayed and Broken Teeth
After: One Appointment Bonded Composite Restorations

Smile Reconstruction

Smile reconstruction can be done with a number of different materials and techniques or combination of techniques. Each patient is unique.

This patient was unhappy with his worn teeth and wanted a nicer smile.

Before: This Patient Was Unhappy With Her Dentures
After: Patient Gets a "Facelift" With New Implant Dentures and a New Lease on Life
After: The teeth were restored with 8 veneers on the upper front teeth to enhance the color, shape, and general appearance of this patient's smile.

Fixed Bridges

Fixed bridges are used to replace missing teeth. They attach to teeth adjacent to spaces with crowns ("caps").

Before: Bridge with decay, uneven gum tissue, and grey margins.
After: New porcelain and gold bridge on 6 front teeth, and surgical recontouring of the gum margins and surgical preparation of the pontic sites(false tooth sites) . Note the surface texture adding life-like light reflection, the transluscency at the edges of the teeth, the "halo" of slightly lighter edge at the edges of the teeth, and the variation in color. All of this requires meticulous preparation of the teeth, and the services of an exquisite laboratory technician. (Lab work by Mr. Steve Maxwell, Ventura CA)

One of these teeth is an implant. Can you tell which one?